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Avantfax 3.3.3 fax server php 5.4 fix after update

Avantfax 3.3.3 fax server php 5.4 fix after update
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fax server with hylafax and avantfaxI have been using Avantfax on my server in conjunction with Hylafax to run fax services for our brokerage. After upgradeing to PHP 5.4 from PHP 5.2 or above the site for Advantfax showed a "white screen" or "blank screen" error 500...

After searching for some time I found that the update necessitated an alteration within the include/classes.php file to add require_once 'Smarty.php'; and to comment out the _autoload section.

Below is a short script you can copy to within the "includes" directory of your avantfax install and execute (once you set the file permissions to allow execution) and it will patch your classes.php file for you. :-)




echo "File \"classes.php\" edit."

for i in $(ls ); do

if [ -f $i ]; then



LETTER=$(echo $i | sed -e 's/[^A-Z]//g')

if [ ! -z $LETTER ]; then

sed -i "/config.php/a\require_once \'$NAME\';" classes.php

sed -i "/config.php/a\require_once \'htmlMimeMail5.php\';" classes.php




echo "Function \"__autoload\" comment out."

sed -i "/function __autoload/c\/** function __autoload" classes.php

n=$(grep -niw 'function __autoload' classes.php|awk -F: '{ print $1 }');


sed -i "$(echo $n)i\ */" classes.php




Once complete you will have full access to your advantfax install...

Avantfax php 5.3 update

If I helped you fix your install too please be curtious and leave a quick comment so others will be assured this works. :-)

claim token: YV64WYS82MW6

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