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Buy a business in Florida for immigration visa

Buy a business in Florida for immigration visa
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Immigrating to the United States (USA)

America is the land of the business entrepreneur and the most prosperous economic market in the world. People from all countries desire to move to the US because of the tremendous opportunities for individuals and families. Possibly, the easiest way to move permanently to the US is by means of an investor visa, of which there are basically two: the E2 visa and the L1 visa.


The E2 is the most practical and popular of the 2 visas. It requires a minimum investment, which varies by country but is at least $100,000 US dollars for British nationals. Canadian nationals can also expect to invest a minimum of $100,000 US. The investment requirements can be as much as $500,000 US for other countries. A list of those countries which qualify for a visa follows below.


The L1 visa is available to people who own businesses in their home countries and wish to acquire a business in the US. The person designated by the acquiring business may obtain a L1 visa based on an inter company transfer, which gives them permanent residency status in the US with convertibility to a green card in time (two or three years.)

E2 and L1 Visas are not difficult to obtain as long as you stick to the proper process and understand all the issues involved. Always use people with in- depth experience to assist you. The most critical decisions involve choosing where to live and what kind of businesses there are in that area. Securing a business which qualifies can be a challenge; a visa qualifying business must have good tax returns, adequate and properly documented employees. Such businesses are very much sought after by Americans and thus one has to be coached to adopt the correct negotiating posture if you want to be successful.

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