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How To Boost Your Credit Score FAST

How To Boost Your Credit Score FAST
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How To Boost Your Credit Score FAST

I think we all know that the higher your credit score, the better chance we have at getting a loan, and on better terms. For example, if your credit score is around 660, you might qualify for a car loan, but at what percentage rate? Maybe 7, 8, or 10 percent. But what if you had a credit score of 760? You might qualify for very low 3, 4 percent--or maybe even ZERO percent financing--saving you thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. So you can see how having a good credit score can be invaluable and a real asset to you financially. It opens doors that would otherwise be closed.

This holds especially true for buying a home. Because of the large dollar amount that you will be borrowing to purchase a home, banks are very critical of your credit history and how you present yourself as a borrower. Did you make pay
ments on time? Did you max out your credit cards? Did you satisfy car loans or let them go back to the bank?  Follow these tips to get your score SOARING in no time!

3 Ways to Remove negative credit

1.  Obtain your credit report and score.  This is the first step in identifying any problems.  Your credit score is like a test grade.  The higher, the better.  It's important to know what your score is so you know where you stand.  Generally speaking, a score of 600 or less is bad, 601-660 is fair, 661-740 is good, and 740+ is excellent.  You can obtain a free report from several different sources online.

2.  Verify bad debt.  To do this, find a "fill-in-the-blank" form online for disputing old accounts.  Get the name and addresses of the Debt Collection companies, and mail out dispute letters via certified mail.  This forces them to provide evidence and ownership of the debt.

3.  Dispute the Debt with the Credit Agencies.  This is critical.  The credit agencies--Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax, all have built-in dispute resolution departments designed specfically to help consumers maintain accurate credit reports.  Tell them either on-line or over the phone about the debts and that you're disputing the debt.  They will follow up on your behalf and in many cases get it removed from your record.

6 Ways to IMPROVE the credit you DO have

1.  Make your payments ON TIME.  This is the most obvious advice, and the advice your father gave you when you were a kid, but it still holds true.  Especially car payments and credit cards.  Put your other utility payments or cell phone bills down the list if you have to choose which to pay first.

2.  Keep the balances LOW.  One of the biggest ways to improve your score is to keep the total balances on ALL accounts below 30% of the max.  This shows that you can manage your debt responsibly.

3.  DON'T close old accounts.  It might seem like a good idea, but one of the factors is LENGTH of debt.  A long track record of on-time payments looks good.  So try to keep accounts active, open, and in good standing.

4.  Obtain a SECURED Loan.  Can't get a loan on your own because of bad credit?  Go to your bank and ask for a secured credit card or a personal loan.  This is done by placing a fixed dollar amount, say, $500, into a bank account.  You then draw against that $500 (credit card) or get the $500 back instantly (secured loan).  You make monthly payments and pay off the debt.  In the case of the loan, you get the $500 back at the end of the payoff, and the same is true of the credit card if you close your account.

5.  Make sure you have ENOUGH credit.  Sometimes not having enough credit can hurt you.  If you've sworn off credit cards because you think they're bad, you're half right.  But the truth is, you will have a hard time getting a good credit score without enough good credit history.  A rule of thumb is you should have about 5 lines of good credit, with a mix of credit cards (lines of credit) and installment loans (auto loans/personal loans, etc.).

6.  Don't apply for credit too FAST.  While it's important to have good credit, try not to open up new credit accounts too fast one after the other or it will appear that you're trying to charge like there's no tomorrow.  This has the same effect of maxing out your credit--very damaging to your score.  Wait at least 6 months between applying for credit.


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