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free real estate reports for sellers will help you sell your home faster and avoid deadly mistakes

Special Reports

Each report is a $39 value, but they are all free for a limited time. To order, please select a product below.

This report explains in detail how to avoid the common mistakes that cost home sellers thousands of dollars.  Included are tips about pricing, showcasing the home, qualifying buyers, showing the home, advertising and much, much more.

Suggestions and ideas to improve your home's appearance and help you prepare to sell it faster!  If you are thinking about selling your home there are a number of things you can do to improve the overall impression made by your home.  This Special Report has been prepared to serve as a detailed checklist to make sure your home is dressed for success!

This booklet contains a review of our home selling stratigies and marketing plan. Explore to see what we do to get homes sold!!

This page will review the photo preparations you should take prior to our photographer arriving at your home. Let’s make it sparkle together!

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